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Tea Forté's Sontu teapot

So far I’ve based the majority of my posts on books, but I want to share with you the other half of my reading experience—that good cup of tea. I’m picky about what I drink my tea in and what kind of tea it is so I’m always on the lookout for the perfect cup, always trying different brands for the best-tasting tea. Loose tea is the best for taste, and bone china cups probably can’t be beat.

Tea Forté is the most beautiful purveyor of tea and tea things I’ve come across so far, and I’ve been browsing tea sites and stores for a long time. While in North Yorkshire I visited a few tea shops, even Betty’s, yet I still didn’t come across anything that really conveyed to me the essence of what I value in the tea experience.

My new Kati loose tea cup

I typically don’t favour Victorian or floral items or gold or silver paint or certain patterns, so many English sets (not all) are not my style (though English Tea, as in the tea time and how they spend it, is something I truly enjoy).

Of course, I greatly appreciate what I consider lovely things, things that make me feel cultured and good and reverent and most of all very happy. I know this sounds like a sort of ad, but it’s really not; I just want to share this store with you. Tea Forté has a stunning website and, in my opinion, an even more appealing (though small) collection of teapots and cups and accessories, plus the most close-your-eyes-and-sigh delicious organic tea. Taylor’s of Harrogate (loose) is excellent, and there are other brands I consider favourites, like Northern Delights (especially Cloudberry) and Yorkshire Tea (by Taylor’s), and Yogi, and the Metropolitan Tea Company (especially their honeybush). Tea Forté’s tea is a new one to add to the list. I will of course keep trying new brands.


I had bookmarked Tea Forté’s site a while ago as a possible vendor for Biblio and then found some of their items in Chapters this weekend (even though the store is not listed as a carrier). Yesterday, I enjoyed (not quite a good enough word for how happy I felt) my new Kati loose tea cup with a few of the samples they gave in the box that housed the cup—chamomile citron, earl grey, and green tango.

I dislike rosehip and hibiscus based teas, which is what the chamomile was, but to my surprise, brewed properly it tasted so wonderful I finished the entire cup. It even looked lovely, let alone the taste. And of course, it thus enhanced my reading experience.

I want everything in Biblio, as part of the Biblio experience, to be perfect, carefully and thoughtfully chosen or executed, and I want to include products that the vendors themselves take great pride in. I’m happy to say I’ve discovered a few that match the description.

Beautiful books and excellent tea: a marriage made in heaven—and Biblio.

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