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One of the things I plan to do when I have Biblio is sell art inspired by literature. My sister is a terrific artist (everyone thinks of Quentin Blake when they see particular illustrations she’s done), and I keep imploring her, especially since she’s fantastic at illustration, to produce in any medium she wants literary scenes and characters so I can admire them and then imagine selling the images as notecards or prints or postcards in my shop.So far I have one oil painting she’s done of a real person nicknamed Trout. He looks like a character straight out of Dickens, so I pretend he is.

Trout, by Thérèse Neelands. Sorry about the quality of the image!

Every now and then I come across other artists who have rendered their favourite authors, literary characters, or memorable literary scenes (say, for example, Miss Havisham in her wedding gown mouldering at the table along with her ancient wedding cake). In fact, I just found one that I had to share with you. This is for me one of the most beautiful illustrations I’ve seen of a literary scene. It’s by artist Scott Morse:

Artist: Scott Morse. Scene from Yann Martel's Life of Pi. Please click to enlarge for full effect.

There’s just such a mood to it, and the colours are awesome. It stopped me in my tracks. Of course, it helps that I am in love with the novel as well.

For more artists’ renditions of their favourite lit characters or scenes, check out Hey Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time!!!

So much talent on this site, even though many of the styles are a bit too comic-booky for me, but it’s all the more exciting when it encompasses our beloved literary world! Another thing I plan for Biblio is to hang artists’ renditions of Canadian authors, like Atwood, Richler, McLean, Leacock, Shields, etc.

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