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Cool Stuff for Booklovers

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I have wanted one of Caitlin Phillips‘s book purses for eons. But I still can’t decide which book I want and it would have to be one that could be found in rough shape so that I wouldn’t mind her removing the pages…. Which would you pick?

Caitlin Phillips's Rebound Designs: book purse

Here’s another book purse, a clutch by Kate Spade:

Kate Spade clutch: she has a Great Gatsby one featured now!

And then there’s the yummy Penguin canvases. I came across these when I saw one in a house featured in Canadian House & Home. Who wouldn’t want one of these? At £100–£300, though, I doubt I’ll get one anytime soon:

Penguin canvas for your wall

Speaking of cool Penguin stuff, what about these deck chairs?

Penguin deck chair

And the espresso cup and mugs?

Penguin espresso cups
Penguin Pride and Prejudice mug
Penguin Classics mug, modern design

Next we have the Livroche bookstand, designed by David Fleishman. When I have a library again, I’d like an old wooden table in it on which I can showcase special books. This stone stand would go nicely on the distressed wood I imagine. I keep seeing something like Alberto Manguel’s library, which I featured in my “Betrayed by Your Bookshelves” post, but with an older table.

Livroche bookstand, designed by David Fleishman

Although I have far too many books now and too few shelves to be able to use bookends, I still like these:

David McCullough's Typewriter Bookend
Beta fishbowl bookends (though I hate seeing fish in so small a container!)
Bookends for the sculpture lover

This necklace is pretty neat: the artist makes pendants from vintage dictionary entries as well as other found objects, and sells them on her etsy page.

Soldered Vintage Dictionary Pendant: Bookworm
Soldered Vintage Dictionary Pendant: Bookish

Naturally, I also love these bookplates, made by Stephanie Fizer on etsy:

Personalized bookplates (with owls, my fave!)
Personalized bookplates by Stephanie Fizer

Are you a bibliophile but also love jewellery? How about this charm bracelet made by A Likely Story?

Bookish charm bracelet

Or this one? You don’t have to wear them, you could just hang them somewhere near your collection of books. There are plenty more literary themed ones where these came from:

Librarian book charm bracelet

If you’re anything like me, you carry your books everywhere you go, just in case you’ll get a chance to read, even if only for a few minutes. I love these wool bags, made from skirts and coats by Wooly Bison. I had a very hard time choosing which one to post here; I like so many! I have a huge thing for handbags, almost as much as I do for books!

Black and grey recycled herringbone satchel

Okay, I could probably go on finding neat things, but I want to see what you come up with, too. Any suggestions for booklovers to check out? Let us know in the comments.

I didn’t include bookshelves here because there is one site that does it for me. Check out Bookshelf Porn. Ooooh. Okay, here is one photo: it shows gorgeous white bookshelves, which I’m pretty sure I want. I would love this whole house, actually. I don’t know whether to try and paint my shelves to immediately satisfy the urge I have to redecorate or make new ones. I think making new ones is more exciting. That way I can have ones exactly the way I want, and higher, since we have vaulted ceilings. And I can post the progress of the project!

fitzhugh and lindsay of the brooklyn home co. I covet this entire house!
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  1. I have a Caitlin Phillips purse which I haven’t even used yet! It sits on my shelf with my books. :D

    I *desperately* need a Penguin Classics mug, it would seem. 6 more months ’til my birthday. >.<

  2. Steph Author

    T: me too.

    Charlotte: What?! Not used!! Although I could see the reluctance, perhaps, because it is so special. Still!

    I am so in love with those mugs. Which would you pick? I would love two, one for my desk, to put the Penguin pencils in, and one to actually drink from. I’m not sure what titles I’d pick yet. And I want one of the canvases to hang. Is that overkill?

    PS. You won the contest! My email is steph[at]bellasbookshelves[com]. Have you got a book by one of those authors on your wish list? :) Don’t forget to include your address.

    Also, since this was my first contest, I have learned something not to do: ask people to post their answers in the comments. Duh!!

    Hopefully I can also come up with something more challenging and fun and encourage more participants next time.

    T: You’re already getting those two books I told you about. As my sister, you are certainly privileged when I make errors! :)

  3. Wait, is that contest stuff directed at me? >.>

    As for the purse – I haven’t been to a fancy enough event yet! September will probably see it out!

    As for the Penguin stuff, I like it more in theory than in practice! Love the design, but none of those books are big favourites of mine. Awful lot of modernist stuff. I want, like, War and Peace hand towels.

  4. Steph Author

    Charlotte: why yes, you won the contest. :) Shoot me an email…

    I agree with you on the Penguin stuff. It’s more a trend than anything else these days. But I do love a few of the books.


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