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Thank You

I’ve ended up having the day off today. I was supposed to go in to the clinic for three but I was sent home on arrival (there were only two patients). So I’ve had time to relax, catch up, take the dog to the waterfront, blog, read bookish stuff. I’m feeling pretty content.

I am finally living books so close to the extent I wish to be (the ultimate would be owning and running Biblio). These days I’m communicating with authors and publishers and fellow book bloggers and readers and industry people. I’m reading fantastic books. I am happy about all this!

Never mind this seeming too good to be true. If someone asked me what’s the best thing that’s happened to me, it would be the idea I had to start this blog because I just wanted an outlet for my love for books. I was unhappy in my job and despairing that I was never going to realize my dream of having Biblio. I wanted to get the essence of the store started in some way and I was impatient. That idea has led to what you’ve read above in the second paragraph.

Had I not started this blog, I would likely not be excitedly showing you what I got in the mail today, would not have as many books to enjoy as I do now, would not be learning so much and meeting so many amazing people, and working part time in a bookshop. When Biblio finally comes to fruition, it will have been built by all of you who have participated in my growth and happiness in some way. I am so very grateful to the readers here and elsewhere, to friends and family for supporting my obsession and writing, for fellow booklovers, for authors who conceive such marvellous works, and to publicists and other book people who so generously send me copies to review. It is my pleasure to serve you and support you back.

Truly, little else beats this wonderful, blessed feeling.

This pile causing much excitement is the result of the generosity of Scholastic Canada. I received the box today. Reviews to come soon!
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  1. IT’s crazy that book blogging can introduce you to a ton of new people and great books.!!! Looks like you’ve got some great books ahead and I’m so excited to hear what you have to think about Camilla Gibb’s book!

  2. Steph Author

    Reeder, I know, isn’t it? I love it. I could easily do this all day and nothing else. Just immerse myself in the book world, reading and promoting and socializing.

  3. Steph Author

    As for Gibb’s book, I really look forward to that, but since Mockingjay was just released yesterday, time is of the essence for this series. I’m going to read it first. (And I was already reading the Lacuna and February…Yikes!)

  4. Steph Author

    You know what’s sad? Our store did nothing at all. We didn’t even have a single copy of any of them in. Here, either Chapters or the library rules the roost, or both.

  5. Steph Author

    I know. It’s pathetic. Mind you, my last day was Wednesday so maybe some came in since then. But there was nothing planned, not even a display that I know of, and no talk at all of it. The thing is, this is Belleville. And that pretty much explains everything.

    This is where working in a bigger store with a major budget would be more exciting! I’m hoping to do something special for Roald Dahl Day in Sept, for example, not simply put out a few books or bookmarks, but actually do a reading. Maybe the kids who buy books from now till Sept with golden tickets in them get something special that day…I’m thinking…

  6. Thank YOU. Finding small ways to move forward in accomplishing our dreams when we feel we’ll never get to them is so important. And just as important is sharing with others the little things we’re doing to get there. It’s inspiring and gives us readers that little push to do whatever it is we want to achieve.

    Awkward phrasing, did I just make ANY sense?

    PS. Roald Dahl Day!! I didn’t know about this!! I will have to celebrate it in some way. What day is it?


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