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Going on a Bear Hunt

Going on a bear hunt

I’m not afraid

Got a real good friend

By my side…

What's that you say? Bears?

And so I head off into the wild for the weekend as soon as I’m off work today at two. Luckily, I have more than one good friend: besides the hubby I have Lucy, our boxer, and a very intriguing and unsettling book called Room by Emma Donoghue. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? :)

Frankly, I think it’s going to be the right kind of book for a camping trip, with just enough creepy in it to keep me intrigued and under the covers when we’re not splashing in the frigid waters or strolling in the woods (looking for bears). My only wish was that it was trade, rather than hardcover. Easier to carry about. In fact, I have always much preferred trade, but if I wait for the paperback, I’ll be behind, and so far I guess I’ve decided that’s not okay for some books. I wish they’d do away with hardcover all together for fiction. I think it would save money, and in a town like this, where I’ve noticed they refuse to buy the hardcover and will just get the book from the library instead, I wonder why our shop even carries them at all. (Idea I’d been toying with for Biblio, carrying only trade, but then I’d have no new books when they came out!)

Anyway. Back to the wilderness. Although I’m taking Room, and have taken other non-wilderness-y fiction with me, like Twilight and such, these are some books suggestions for roughing it in the bush.

(I’d like to add the images of these books but I’m scrambling to post this before work and may not get the chance before I leave today; forgive me!)

These are just a few and I feel I’m missing some other well-known ones. I’m sure I’ve read more but can’t recall them just now. Can you think of any more books that would be great to take camping? Ones that, like Atwood’s, capture the wilderness experience well? Or what about ones that simply epitomize autumn?

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, all, and allow yourselves time to read, whether in the midst of whispering pines and swirling campfire smoke, on your comfy chaise longue at home, reclining in a hammock in the yard or on a veranda, or lying in a field, feeling the grass prick your back.

Wherever you are, get lost.

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  1. bee

    Haha Lucy is so gorgeous! Have a great time in the woods, and I wish for you some nice clear weather. (As opposed to the torrential rain we have here, but at least I can stay in and read.)

  2. Thanks, Bee! Today is grey and chilly and tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny and 20 degrees, but rain for the day we pack up. Ugh. Don’t look forward to that! Sometimes I wish we had a trailer rather than a tent.

    T: Good one! Yes, Pilgrim. Although my copy is too precious to take.

  3. Steph Author

    T: yes about the stones and such. But of course.

    Kate: Isn’t she hilarious? I love her.

    Thanks for the book suggestions! I haven’t read either of them, though I know Hatchet.

  4. Steph Author

    Chris: Oh yeah!! How could I forget that one? I haven’t read it, either, for some reason, but it’s hardly an unknown!!

    I just bought his Notes from a Small Island, a couple of weeks ago. I discovered much to my delight that Bryson used to live in North Yorkshire, in Kirkby Malham (he lives in Norfolk now, I think), and since North Yorkshire’s my favourite place on the planet, I can’t help but want to read him. Good suggestion; now I’ll have to buy a Walk in the Woods, too!


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