Earth Hour 2011

Ever read by candlelight? It’s kind of a pain in the ass—unlike when I was a kid and would read in failing light, now I like my pages to be sufficiently illuminated—but it can also be rather gezellig, as the Dutch would say. Tonight, to commemorate Earth Hour at 8:30 pm, no lamps will be lit here. No TV will go on, no computers, even though the laptop is battery operated. What better incentive for a booklover to read quietly?

In that case, too, I should direct you now, while your power might still be on, to Em’s blog C’est la vie, at which she’s been diligently blogging about Earth Hour, a cause she truly believes in, for an entire month. The posts, light and exploratory about living green, are also thought-provoking, conscientious, informative. And then she asked a few of us fellow bloggers to contribute, and on March 16, my post, “All You Need Is Love” went up.

I took an entire day to think about what to write, and I tried for several hours to convey what I thought about living green, about the forest we live near, often littered with miscellaneous items from an old fridge, to a basketball pole and hoop, to a Chaps luggage bag, to a broken dustpan and broken plastic chairs, to pop cans and water bottles. But I scrapped everything in a moment of realization—that without love (the kind that is true, that comes from understanding, appreciation, and gratitude), from which stems motivation to care, we cannot save this planet.

Here’s wishing you a quiet, enjoyable, relaxing hour. Go for a walk and truly take note of your surroundings, read by candlelight, talk with someone about the next green move you’ll make, meditate or do yoga and feel the earth beneath you as you root yourself. This might sound seriously cheesy to some of you, so do whatever it is you feel moved to do. I think the cause is important. You live here: you should, too.

12 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2011

  1. I plan to respect the Earth in an old fashioned way – it looks like it will be completely dark just about 8:30 tonight, so I’m going to shut everything down and go to bed. The kids are already in bed (busy day for them) and maybe I’ll think about how things were before electricity as I fall asleep – old school, go to bed when it’s dark.

    1. Since we’re on the computer so much, shutting down is actually really rewarding. If I can stay off long enough, my brain starts working on its own again…

      1. Exactly my line of thinking, too. I’ve been trying to get more sleep lately, and it really works – I know I get up terribly early, but that works for me – and if I just go to bed not long after the kids do, my mornings are so much more productive.

        As I don’t really watch TV, I don’t miss anything… :)

        1. I’m not a morning person no matter how early I go to bed. It always takes me a while to wake up. But I do find the day goes a bit better if I’m up earlier before work.

  2. I think my internet connection decided to mark the occasion even more than I did. I managed to log on for about 5 minutes after my two-hour Earth Hour and then it wouldn’t connect anymore. I thus enjoyed a full evening reading by the fire. I hadn’t done that for a while!

  3. I actually forgot all about it after having thought about it the preceding day. However, I don’t feel too bad about it as I so often breakfast and dine by candlelight that almost every day contains an ‘earth hour’ for me. :)

  4. I was really looking forward to reading by candlelight, which I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I thought three large candles would be enough. When 8.30pm arrived, I realised how little is actually illuminated by just three candles…maybe it’s old age, but I could barely see a thing. Lucky it was only for one hour or my optometrist might have something to say!

    1. My parents used to have hurricane lamps, and I remember using those whenever the power went out. Now that light is lovely to read or do anything by! If you have big enough ones, anyway.

  5. We had to start Earth Hour an hour early so that Maggie could participate before she went to bed! I was pleased with the results- we got to use The Classic Art of Hand Shadows for the first time ever! Much easier to use a book for reference than to read, by candlelight.

    I did try to read a few pre-bed books for the young Miss, but it really was too much for my eyes. I resorted to reciting memorized poems and telling stories out loud. :/

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