Books to Buy or Ask For This Christmas

Give books for Christmas!

This post is a little late, considering there’s only two weeks now till Christmas, but it’s not so time-consuming to pick out a book or four (and what’s easier to wrap than books?), and you should still be able to order online in time for Christmas at some places (many publishers, like Anansi, are selling directly, and offering nice discounts!)…or ask for these fantastic books on your wish list. Alternatively, you can ask for a gift certificate to spend at your local bookstore (preferably independent! My sister did this last year. She lives in Barrie but she called the store where I work and ordered a gift certificate for me, which they sent her in the mail, totally without my knowledge. I had had no inkling whatsoever. Awesome. Guess how long it took me to spend it)!

Okay. This post was a lot of work! Which is too bad, because since I’ve run out of steam, I’m not going to include other bookish gifts, like bookish jewellery, or cards, or other fun stuff that I often include in my LitBit posts. I grew very overwhelmed, too, while writing it: there are so many great books not listed here! so many I wish I could share with you, and even more types of literature, like plays for instance, I haven’t covered. Non-fiction is a huge category with countless subcategories, like bios, and travel, and books on how to write, etc.
This is why I’m a bookseller right now, but also why I want to broaden my horizon and find a job at which I can help publicize more books to a wider group of people. Anyway, if you have any books you think would make fantastic gifts, share them in the comments. If you need more suggestions, check out the annual edition of the Advent Book Blog, where there are several recommendations each day, submitted by enthusiastic book lovers. And don’t be shy; what books are on your list this holiday season?

16 thoughts on “Books to Buy or Ask For This Christmas

  1. This is great! And what do you think’s called The Paper..Something, and it’s a beautiful little red book with a sort of 19th century floral design on the cover and I think it’s Anansi? I heard about it from Shelagh Rogers, but otherwise, not much press–very curious.

    1. Are you thinking maybe of Molly Peacock’s The Paper Garden? It is a gorgeous book, both hardcover and soft. Published by McClelland & Stewart, but Anansi would be pleased to hear you say you thought it was theirs!

      I haven’t read it but I’ve perused it.

  2. Great post! Not only did I end up with some gift ideas I may have added a few more books to my to-read list!

    I am definitely planning on giving Habibi out this Christmas – it’s so gorgeous and the story is amazing. I think it’ll be a great gift!

    1. I’m not much of a graphic novel reader at all, but when I got my hands on this I wanted it. Unfortunately, it was someone’s special order. Ha! I’ll have to wait for it to come in.

      Glad you got some more ideas, and ones to add on your wishlist!

  3. Thanks for this post. I like that you have selected books from multiple genres. I have a good list for myself and family.

    I’m really looking forward to reading some of the short stories. Especially, This Cake is For the Party. Selecky’s creative writing posts have been helpful to me. (Another good suggestion that you put forth).

    I can’t wait to read Half Blood Blues. The book cover here in The Netherlands is quite different than the one in Canada. This silly reason, is why I’ve been holding back buying the book. I’ve got a thing for book covers. They have to speak to me.


    1. I know what you mean about the covers, but you’ll have to let this one go. Just open to the first page and start reading. You’ll forget all about the cover. :) Either that, or order our edition online, I guess?

      You already know how I feel about This Cake! It’s excellent writing. The stories have stuck with me since I first read it!

  4. Holy cow! What a post! I feel like I just walked into Greenley’s! (And the Art of Fielding IS one of the best novels I’ve read in a long time. I’m giving it to two people this Christmas!) And thanks for including Doug and Robin!

    1. Jen,

      Your comment made me very happy. Thank you!

      I’m really looking forward to starting Chad’s book. I’m actually a baseball story fan to boot.

      And thank you for sending me Robin’s and Doug’s books. Without you I might not have read or, happily, met them!

  5. I’m getting a couple of books by Thomas Mann, “Death in Venice” (I’ve seen the film, but never read the novella) and “The Magic Mountain”. I’ll probably save the former for when I go to Venice in April, but I can’t imagine a better time than over Christmas to sequester myself away with the latter.

    1. I haven’t read either but have always thought The Magic Mountain sounds appealing. I’m having a very difficult time reading anything long these days, though, or heavy. It’s mostly short stories, novellas, or shorter novels lately.

      I’d like to hear what you think of it.

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