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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

I’m sitting in the living room by the tree, Bing’s voice like molasses dripping in my ears. I snuggle deeper under my soft red HarperCollins blanket, sip chocolate chai tea in my Random House mug, and rest my eyes on all the fairy lights and shelves of books. Just looking at books elicits so much emotion in me. Warmth, nostalgia, comfort, sanctuary, the hint of adventure.

We don’t often get holidays, but now is the time, and it’s one of the cosiest holidays, too. So many of us don’t get the time we’d like to read through the year, so my wish is that you allow yourself that much coveted time. Almost every day, as much as I’m pulled to do nothing but read, I don’t. Or I read things I feel I must instead of things I really want to read.

This holiday, let’s not only give and get books, let’s read them too. Let’s live in them, really notice the writing, the stories, the gifts they truly are.

Merry Christmas, dear readers! Happy holidays!




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