Swapping Stories

I’ve decided to start this blog as an attempt to become even more well-read and in preparation for when I have my own bookshop tearoom and can passionately share my love for certain stories with the customers who venture in. I also want to actually experience all the books on my shelves rather than simply collect them. And I hope this blog will act as a sort of catalogue, too, of what’s on my shelves.

Not least, I also hope to use this blog as a venue for my passion for sharing my love of books and great stories, and for you to express how you feel about what you read, too. I no longer work in a bookshop or a library, where I could discuss books all day long to people who actually cared. Instead, I copyedit as a freelance editor, and also work in a naturopathic clinic where the topic of the day is illness rather than books (although I have sneaked in a book chat or two with patients, especially kids, who come in bearing dogeared volumes to sit with while they wait).

Lastly, please don’t hide. If you’re reading this blog and want to say something, do! I want this to be an interactive site for everything books and for those who love books. Tell me your favourite place to shop and I’ll post it on the Everybody’s Favourites page. Send a picture of your personal collection, and I’ll add that to the Personal Collections page. Or simply comment whenever you have something to share. Reading is completely personal and subjective: there are no right or wrong opinions here.

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