A fun list of literary tidbits—something to snack on when you’re not in the mood for the full meal of a review.

LitBits 1LitBits 2LitBits 3LitBits 4LitBits 5LitBits 6LitBits 7LitBits 8LitBits 9LitBits 10LitBits 11LitBits 12LitBits 13LitBits 14LitBits 15LitBits 16LitBits 17LitBits 18LitBits 19LitBits 20LitBits 21LitBits 22LitBits 23LitBits 24, LitBits 25, LitBits 26LitBits 27, LitBits 28, LitBits 29,