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LitBits 25

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A sunny but cold day here in Belleville, Ontario, and a quiet day. I’m in need of some picking up, and you  may be too. Here’s a few literary tidbits to add a bit of fun. 1. I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned this magazine before. It’s called Bookmarks: For Everyone Who Hasn’t Read Everything. It’s American with a small staff, but it’s an impressive compilation of letters, selections (including literary, genre, non-fic titles), Have you Read? and Coming Soon books, books that have won awards, Now in Paperback…read more


LitBits 22

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It’s amazing how fast I’m accumulating these literary tidbits these days. It’s probably an indication I’m spending way too much time not working or being productive but—hell. There are worse ways to procrastinate, I’m certain. Enjoy! 1. Probably I don’t need to tell you that the lovely Julian Barnes won the Man Booker Prize yesterday for his novella The Sense of an Ending. I look forward to this book, as I do all of his, though I’m a bit behind on his releases. Here is the man himself by way…read more