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LitBits 11

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, and I miss them! Here are a few literary tidbits that might interest you. 1. This one is simple: I want it. It’s the Recamier Reading Corner, and while it’s featured on other blogs, I’m linking to this one because the description is hilarious. I love when blogs use English…

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The Stigma of CanLit and How We Can Change Our Outlook

This morning my friends Jen Knoch, associate editor at ECW Press and proprietress of the blog Keepin’ It Real Book Club that’s doing Civilians Read, and Mark Leslie Lefebvre, president of the Canadian Booksellers Association, bookseller at McMaster University bookstore, published writer of horror, and my first manager ever at Chapters in Ancaster, from whom I learned so much and…

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Keepin' It Real: Civilians Read

Canada Reads is a well-known CBC program. Perhaps not quite so well-known yet is the Canada Reads spinoff Civilians Read, dreamed up and hosted by an excellent booklovers’ blog called Keepin’ it Real Book Club (KIRBC). This time around (they’ve done it before), five panelists, each pulled from the publishing trade, battle it out over the same five books Canada…

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