Don't You Love It When…

…the first chapter of the new book you’re reading is so excellent you already regret the arrival of the end?

Page 18 of 287 of Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner, and I can see why this book won the Governor General’s Award!

Great stories are so exciting!! And I do reserve a special place in my heart for translated literature. I look forward to reviewing this book for you!

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3 Comments to “Don't You Love It When…”

  1. I DO love it when that happens!!

    It occurred for me most recently with “The Hobbit.” I was so very sad when it was over. And now I’m anxiously awaiting the movie, which, I’ve read, has been delayed yet again. …

  2. I’m so glad you loved the Hobbit! Did I tell you Colin and I are reading it again, only this time together? :)

    Yes, I heard about the movie, which is a downer. The Lord of the Rings trilogy were spectacular movies that C and I have watched a gazillion times. Have you read LOTR?

  3. Yes, I read that in one of your posts! What a special way to enjoy a favorite story: with the one you love.

    Coincidentally (?), Andy and I have been re-watching the LOTR movies these past few nights. We put the little one down and then cuddle by a fire and escape to Middle Earth for a few hours. I haven’t read the book, but it’s on my list! ;)


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