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This following was a book meme floating around the blogosphere back in 2009. I thought I’d answer the questions too, and I’d love to see your answers as well!

Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack?
Sometimes. I have to have a cup of tea when I read, and with tea goes either my extra-fine dark chocolate with chili (Lindt) or my favourite gingersnaps, by Nyåkers, in Sweden.

Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of writing in books horrify you?
No, no, no: I never write in my books. I don’t even remember doing that in university, unless they were textbooks I didn’t plan on keeping. Too many times I’ve gone to purchase a nice book only to find writing in it. I’m okay with books that are in less than fine condition, but I’m not okay with writing in them. I do have one book, my grandfather’s copy of Macbeth, that has his and my mother’s notes and doodles in it. That’s a different thing altogether. The other thing is, I read books for pleasure, for escape. I’m not even thinking of taking notes. But if something in particular strikes me as quote-worthy, I will write the page number down on a scrap piece of paper.

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ears?
Always some sort of bookmark. There are bookmarks everywhere. But I will also use a business card, a clean tissue, a postcard, whatever is lying around. I rarely even dogear magazines. It’s just not a habit I ever learned or picked up.

Do you lay your books flat open?

Fiction, non-fiction, or both?
I have always had a very large soft spot for fiction. Fiction is definitely my favourite and it’s what I mainly indulge in. For me, non-fiction has to read like fiction, more or less, so my favourite type is literary travel or particular memoirs (I’m very fussy about these) or letters, like those by Elizabeth Gilbert, or Carol Shields, or Will Ferguson, Peter Mayle, and Isabel Huggan.

Hard copy or audiobooks?
Neither really. I mean, if I simply can’t wait, I buy the hardcover. But my very favourite are trade paperback. I don’t find time for audiobooks, but I do have a dramatized set of the Chronicles of Narnia. I think there’s something like 17 CDs. They’re lovely if you’re cooking or baking or in the car.

Are you a person who tends to read to the end of chapters, or are you able to put a book down at any point?
I must finish the chapter. I’m like this with copyediting as well. There is always a good place to stop, and I can’t stop until I reach it.

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop to look it up right away?
It depends. If the word is crucial or interesting, I’ll look it up, though I admit I’m hard-pressed to remember the definition unless the word grabs me. Most times I let it go. I actually feel ashamed to admit it!

What are you currently reading?
I think I have something like five books started. I’m the overstimulated type. But I’ve decided to read only one at a time, which is the usual way things go, because it’s too much. I’m not a good multi-tasker. Or rather, I hate multi-tasking. Anyway, now I’m reading Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner—and it’s excellent so far. We’ll have more of that in another post, when I’ve finished it!

What is the last book you bought?

Hmmm. I bought four books last, but I can’t remember which was last in the pile when I paid. :) See this post.

Are you the type of person who reads only one book at a time or can you read more than one at a time?
I believe I just answered that! See two questions up.

Do you have a favorite time of day and/or place to read?
My favourite place is in my office, believe it or not. This used to be my book room, my little library (little being the operative word; it’s quite a small room), until I decided to move everything downstairs to create a lovely wall of books. But the clock in here is the single most relaxing thing I own, and then there’s my comfy chair and my warming blanket… Combine that with the pile of books on the floor by my chair, a cup of tea, and a free evening or afternoon, particularly a rainy afternoon, and I am in heaven.

Do you prefer series books or stand alone books?
I don’t have a preference. It doesn’t matter to me, so long as the following books in a series are as great as or better than the first. Series are the most fun if you’re reading them aloud.

Is there a specific book or author that you find yourself recommending over and over?
Many. It’s my favourite thing to do! But lately especially Elizabeth Gilbert. Usually what I recommend depends on the person I’m talking to as well.

How do you organize your books? (By genre, title, author’s last name, etc.?)
Over the years it’s changed. It was alphabetical by author, it was willy-nilly, and it was by country, more or less. So Canadian authors, American authors, Indian, and so on. Children’s were all together but in no particular order, unless they were series. Series are always together, no matter what, and usually books by the same author are grouped together. Now it’s still kind of like that, but also based on where they’ll fit best height-wise. The thing is, I love to browse my shelves, and too much order takes some of the fun out of that.

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