What I Brought Home Today

I can’t resist the book prices at Costco, even though the buying experience is nothing like what it will be at my bookshop. Still, no matter where I am, at Costco, Chapters, an independent bookshop here or in a village in North Yorkshire, the pleasure of purchasing a book is unparalleled.

Today I bought two books I’ve been long awaiting: Committed, by Elizabeth Gilbert (sort of sequel to my beloved Eat, Pray, Love, which I’m waiting to be given because I’ve given away about eight copies now and almost every one of them was my own first, so now it feels as though I can’t buy this book but have to receive it as a gift), and The Swan Thieves, by Elizabeth Kostova, author of one of my favourite books, The Historian. I can’t wait to read these! I might have to dive in before I finish Ferguson’s book (sorry, Will!).

I bought two others, as well. I couldn’t resist! One was Clara Callan, by Richard Wright, which I read years ago and enjoyed very much. At the very least, it won the Governor General’s Award and the Giller and the CBA Libris Awards Book of the Year. This edition is one of the nicest I’ve seen and it matches my editions of To Kill a Mockingbird and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. That kind of thing makes me quite happy!

And the fourth is called A School of Essential Ingredients, by Erica Bauermeister. I hadn’t heard of the book or the author before today but I love books that contain scrumptious descriptions of food and the storyline sounds intriguing and very character based. I enjoy a motley crew of sorts (one great example I can think of off-hand is the group of characters that meet on a rooftop in Nick Hornby’s A Long Way Down), and in a kitchen no less! So I’ll take a chance, as I often do. I am almost never disappointed.

Still have a hundred-dollar gift certificate to spend at Chapters, which I plan to do this weekend! I can’t wait!!

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