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Bookshop Tearoom Dreams

Margaret Atwood signing books. photo: Sol Kauffman

Since it’s going to be some time before I can finance the bricks and mortar version of Biblio, I’m going to start the shop online. I may have already mentioned this, but I’ve been dreaming of this for years now and I can’t stop thinking about it. The very idea makes my heart race. I can’t wait!

Each day I find myself daydreaming about running the shop, and I’m always so happy being busy and in my element and using my skills and doing what I feel meant to do. I also deliberately put aside a bit of time to close my eyes and visualize what the place will look like and what’s going on there. This morning, for instance, I was welcoming Atwood on the little stage in the room where we’ll have author readings and signings, book clubs, art exhibits, and other events. I had her water ready on a little round side table beside the wingback Author’s Chair. She’s admired the display we set up of her works alongside Graeme Gibson‘s two Bedside books (because they’re so beautiful). [EDIT: While searching for a picture of an author on stage to use for this post, I found one of Atwood signing books. And will you look at the display behind her?! Ours will be much nicer, but still. They combined their books as well!]

Anyway, I keep a notebook with me all the time now to jot down ideas. Biblio is becoming so real, so fleshed out, and there are times I feel so badly like going there, that I find myself incredulous it doesn’t actually exist. Even my husband is starting to feel that way. “If only…”

Impatience moves me, so tonight I drafted up a skeleton plan of what I want the Biblio site to contain. And then I remembered with a start that Biblio is actually not unheard of, probably even quite a popular name online, and I needed to find a domain I could use. After trying several domain names and finding them unavailable, C and I finally decided on To me, it’s perfect. It sounds just right and there’s no guessing as to what the site is, either. This is it! And whoa, do I feel excited!!

I’m not sure yet whether Bella’s Bookshelves will eventually morph into bibliobooksandtea to give it some history. I might borrow from it, anyway, or keep it as is and make it a sister blog. There’s still planning to do for Biblio online and the design as well and contacting other sites as either suppliers or for permission, etc., but the process has been started.

Gak! I’m not ready!

And yet, I’m SO ready.

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  1. Annie

    Water???? In a teashop?? Surely she would have a little silver teapot, a hot water pot and and a china cup on a tray??? Or if she perfers a cafetiere of coffee??? I always picture her to be a fresh coffee drinker??/ Anyone know her preference?

  2. Anne: Well, maybe she’d have tea or coffee, but usually authors take water, just to wet their throats as they read. Tea and coffee are dehydrating. Plus coffee gives you bad breath.

    Colin: Ha! I met only one who did (though that’s not to say more don’t, of course). Mordecai Richler was totally enjoying one at the reading where we heard him and Ann-Marie MacDonald.

  3. Thank you! The launch will be a while, I fear. The more I learn, the more I realize just how much I don’t know….

    And I know! Colin’s avatar makes me laugh, too. It goes with his positive attitude and practical self-help blogs. :)

  4. You can do it, there are so many people out here cheering for you – if you’re stuck, just ask around for help and you’ll find it!!!

    If you ever decide to start selling stuff, let me know (I can help you set up an online store part to your site).

  5. Thanks, Brett!

    There’s still a lot of planning to do, and I appreciate your encouragement and willingness to help! I know where you are, and I’ll let you know when the time comes.

    Hope your own plans are shaping up nicely!


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