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It’s been forever since I read a good mystery. Way back, I used to devour Agatha Christie and the like, and I do enjoy a good puzzle, especially murder mysteries, but for some reason, they just haven’t appealed much to me lately. I think the last I read might have been Joanne Harris‘s Gentlemen and Players (which was excellent!). Or maybe The Angel’s Game, by Carlos Ruis Zafon, if that can be considered a mystery; it’s hard to classify that well-written page turner.

This evening, though, we were grocery shopping, and no matter where I am or what our focus is, I check out the books if there are any. So I broke off from C, who was picking out veggies (boring!), to peruse the novels.

I’ve seen this book before and even picked it up once elsewhere: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. An unusual and intriguing title! I must not have been in the mood before, however, because I put it back. This time, though, the matte, textured paperback cover attracted me and then so did the blurb on the back. I checked out the author’s bio. He was born in Toronto (cool, he’s Canadian), raised in Cobourg (holy crap, that’s only a half hour away, so even cooler) and then I read that he now lives in Malta (where my parents live and the country of my heritage) and that clinched it for me. Three great facts in a row, bang bang bang, together with the intriguing storyline and protagonist, and the book was in our cart within perhaps five minutes.

Sometimes I read a book’s cover, then bits and pieces of its insides, and also the author’s bio. Sometimes I hem and haw and weigh the book in my hands, trying to decide, because not only is money a factor, but I also hate to regret a book purchase. For this reason, I very rarely do.

And then sometimes a purchase is as effortless as the easiest thing you can imagine. Either it’s premeditated or I’m just that quickly sold, upon inspection, like tonight.

I can’t wait to read it. And if I really like it (which you’ll find out one day when I write the review, but first I am trying to write about Nikolski—it’s been difficult. The book is so good, all I could think was how good it was!), the sequel to Bradley’s first, The Weed that Strings the Handman’s Bag, is coming in March!

UPDATE: I just read that Quill & Quire picked this book as one of the most memorable of 2009! Hooray! What’s more, Bradley’s mapped out FIVE more books in the series!

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  1. Well, DUH! The book is a big deal! :)

    However, I’ve picked it up a couple of times but kept putting it back. I’m not sure. I’m interested but not in the mood, I guess. Plus, I can wait till it’s out in paperback. I just prefer trade.


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