My Penguin: Design Your Own Book Cover

Animal Farm. Cover Simon Tomlinson

I’m a huge fan of Penguin books. I love the stuff they print and I love their covers, and I’m especially attached to that age-old cute penguin and the orange. They’ve established quite a household icon, Penguin has, but now they’re turning some of the creative work over to you.

In my literary travels, I came across My Penguin, a site that provides Penguin copies of certain titles for 5 quid (it’s a UK site. I can’t find anything like this under Penguin Canada). The catch is, the covers are blank. You design your own cover.

Magic Tales. Cover Natasha Cheti

I have to say this gets me pretty excited. Doesn’t it sound like fun? And I can totally imagine a section in Biblio but also my own home of special edition Penguins designed by inspired readers. Unfortunately, I don’t know that you can actually buy the books that have been designed and it seems they can no longer accept covers for their gallery. But I don’t think that stops you from buying a title or two of your choice and designing your covers, though.

In my previous post, the Alice cover was illustrated by Design Monkey. Take a look at the other covers on My Penguin here and here. Many of them are excellent! I have too many favourites to mention.

If I was any type of confident artist, and I assure you, I unfortunately have no skills, I’d definitely illustrate my own book cover. Perhaps for the Grimms’ Magic Tales or Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray or Carroll’s Alice. Which would you choose?

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