Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics

I was just surfing the Internet for some publication info on an early 1900s book I have when I came across this gorgeous set I must add to my collection. Barnes & Noble or not, I don’t care. I really love the look of these leatherbound classics and can totally imagine all of them prettily sitting in an impressive row on my shelves. My God, my heart is pounding just looking at them. I’m not joking!

The funny thing is, I did buy the Narnia one, twice, one for my mom and one for one of my sisters. At least, it looks the very same. I found it at Costco and had my hubby buy the copies for me while I was in England (I was afraid they wouldn’t be there when I got back). I wanted one too (I’m not averse at all to having several editions of a book), but it had to go on my list. And now so are the rest of these classics!! I didn’t know they existed.

They are inexpensive as well but I can’t have just one. I love sets and I especially love complete works in one volume, and I especially enjoy when they use original illustrations or versions or the best translators. Arthur Rackham? Reprints of first editions? Be still my heart!

Oh, I wish someone would buy the entire collection for me right now (well, perhaps minus the Wicked books. I can do without those)! I mean, what if they disappear, as so many books on my wish list have? [Gak! Already Narnia and HCA’s Fairy Tales are currently unavailable!] Oh, I feel quite desperate about it. Obsessed, really, dangerously close to pulling out the credit card. Anyone have a rich relative they can lend me, just this once? C’mon, there’s only 15 I want! And for a limited time everyone gets the membership price of $17.98!! Let’s see, that’s only about US$270. [$233.74 to be exact, without the two I want that are unavailable; I checked by adding them all to my cart, you know, just to see how it would feel.] Really, is that asking too much??

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12 Comments to “Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics”

  1. Marie Clausén

    What beautiful books! If you could have only one, which one would you choose? I like the Austen volume best of all, even though I already have most of her novels in two editions…

  2. I’m still trying to decide that! I asked myself the same question, thinking, okay, calm down, just start with one.

    I think but I’m not sure that I would choose The Arabian Nights.

  3. The awful thing is, when they sell out, that’s it. They’re gone, in their words. I wonder if C will let me splurge when I get my postmodern book cheque. It would be a heinously selfish act, of course, considering our situation, and also take away from my England fund, but, but…

  4. Marie Clausén

    The Arabian Nights is absolutely gorgeous – that’s a good choice. I do have a hardcover edition of Arabian Nights with colour plates – in Swedish somewhere at my mum’s place, and I remember loving it. I have HC Andersen’s fairytales in the same edition – they were among the books I read aloud to my little brother when we were small…

  5. I’ve been looking and can’t find these sold in Canada, even though I somehow managed to get the Narnia one for Anne and my mom (WHY DID I DECIDE TO FORGO ME??) in Costco.

    With the shipping and customs, it would be a hefty bill. I just can’t seem to let go, because I can’t find them elsewhere and once they’re gone, they’re gone! They were selling 10 together as an ultimate collection as well, but that is also sold out…

    I love the Arabian Nights. And I have H.C.A.’s complete fairy tales, too, but still. It’s beside the point. I want these editions! I love the image of you reading to your brother!

  6. JK

    Those ARE gorgeous! And I think the perfect way to read Arabian Nights or the collected Poe. They just seem like they should be read in a gilt tome.

  7. JK: Ohhh, I know!! I’m really feeling anxious about them, hoping the hub will agree to a little book shopping spree! If they weren’t limited editions, I wouldn’t mind so much having to purchase one at a time. The other downer is that they have to cross customs… Imagine how much shipping and the customs fee would be on 13 books! But I can’t have just one! I can’t decide what to do…

  8. Well, it looks like you can only use that particular deal once on one order, until April 20. So I could do four orders (I’d have to do the math on that plus four times shipping and customs), or just order three, or, what the hell, order all 13 and get one free.


  9. UPDATE: Of course, I could not resist. The gorgeous volumes are on their way.

    PS. I saved over $40 doing four separate orders, and got four books free!!

    Stay tuned for some yummy photos after they arrive.


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